This website was established in January, 2006, and is maintained by Bruce Roth, who has been teaching children the game of chess in the Lansing area since 1996.


My goal is to make this a site of information about chess activities and chess history in the Lansing area. Please contact me if you have an idea to add information to this site, or if you have comments about the site content.


This site has a Schools Awards section. Please submit information about chess accomplishments at your school, so your school can be added to this section. This is limited to schools in the mid Michigan area.


If you want to write an article or editorial about any aspect of chess, local or global, please submit it to the website.


If you want to submit information about a tournament in the state of Michigan, please submit it to the website in any reasonable format (word doc is preferred) and I will provide a link to it.


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