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This is the home page for the ring of webpages dedicated to Turbo Regal owners and fans with homepages on the World Wide Web. This is an ever expanding ring of pages designed to allow web surfers to navigate to pages of other Turbo Regal owners and fans just by clicking the "Next" button found at the top or bottom of each page. From any page in the ring you can click on a "Next" button to go to the next site, eventually bringing you back to where you started.

Ground Rules for Joining the Ring:

These are the steps for joining the Turbo Regal WEB RING...

  1. Fill out the form to join the Turbo Regal Web Ring.
  2. Save a copy of the two Turbo Regal Ring graphics you see below by right clicking on the graphic and choosing "save this image as..". DO NOT reference them off this server or someone else's unless you've asked them for permission first! The one on the left is called ring.gif, and the one on the right is next.gif. Click here for the HTML code. Dont forget to change the blank spaces like this: "____" for your site ID. Also change the name of the site and the e-mail address. Of coarse, Feel free to create your own graphics... Just maintain the general appearance of the Turbo Regal Web Ring Logo.
  3. E-mail me to add you to the Turbo Regal Web Ring. Please don't email if you haven't posted the HTML code in your page. The HTML code must be in your page before you e-mail me.
  4. That's it!

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