Thanks for visiting.  This home page is simply a launching pad to other fun and interesting locations, most notably four sites dedicated to preposterously narrow interests, all related to game shows.  THE GAME SHOW HOME GAME HOME PAGE contains everything you ever wanted to know about home versions of TV and radio game shows, plus quite a bit you couldn't possibly care less about.  THE BILL CULLEN HOMEPAGE, is dedicated to the career of one of the more popular game show hosts of all time.  My third site, THE GAME SHOW COMPENDIUM, is simply a massive list of links to other pages on the internet about game shows (and way overdue for an update, which isn't likely anytime soon).  Finally, if you think you might enjoy lively debates about game shows past and present, I invite you to check out THE GAME SHOW FORUM, a discussion board run privately by game show fans, including myself.

Since this is a home page, however, I might as well talk about me.  I am telecommunications coordinator for Okemos Public Schools, a progressive and highly respected school system in central Michigan. Mostly, I work with high school students to produce a wide variety of television programming for The Okemos Channel including everything from Board of Education meetings to elementary school recitals to live high school sporting events.

I am the host of QuizBusters, a high school quiz program seen on WKAR-TV, our local PBS station. It's a slickly produced, Emmy award winning program, much better than you might expect for local television.  We must be doing something right, we've been doing it since 1989.

I also work with several marvelous community theatres around Lansing, including Riverwalk Theatre, Lansing Civic Players, Peppermint Creek Theatre Company, Starlight Dinner Theatre, Sunsets with Shakespeare and All-of-Us Express Children's Theatre.  Those companies and more provide a wealth of exciting, daring and innovative live theater productions for audiences here in the mid-Michigan area.

You can e-mail me at ottinger@acd.net

This page doesn't get updated very often.  Frankly, there's not much need.