The New York Times described him as, "the slim, alert man with the big horn-rimmed glasses, the large eyes, and the elfin grin which splits his face wide and lights it like a ball park at night."  Time Magazine said "his smile gleams as brightly as the lens of his eyeglasses, and whatever else may happen, he is never speechless."   Groucho Marx simply called him "the second-wittiest man on the air."
Bill Cullen was one of the busiest and most popular personalities in the history of television.  He appeared as a regular in more different television series than any other performer, and in a field where careers are sometimes measured in months, he was employed almost continuously for more than forty years in radio and television, often with multiple series on the air at the same time.  We hope you enjoy this site dedicated to the remarkable career of Bill Cullen.

Bill Cullen Photo of the Month
January, 2014
Quizmaster by Adam

We've neglected our site for far too long, so let's make amends by featuring the biggest Cullen news, even if it happened months ago.  Adam Nedeff has written a comprehensive, exhaustively researched and thoroughly entertaining biography of Bill.  It is available through most of the usual outlets, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  It really is terrific, and if you don't already have a copy, you should pick one up right away.
The Bill Cullen Homepage
January, 2014
In addition to Adam Nedeff's outstanding volume on the left, we still, after all these years, have a wide variety of additions and corrections to our own site, as more and more Cullen curiosities turn up.  Most of them are small, but it all adds up, and it's still fun to find them.

In our opinion, the most interesting new item is the discovery that Bill had a few modest credits as a TV announcer on programs other than game shows.  One of those, a musical comedy program called Those Two, is available on YouTube. We've added these newest listings to the beginning of the page that covers Bill's TV appearances outside of game shows.

One of the biggest corrections to our information involves Bill's appearance on a Dick Clark variety program.  We originally believed that Bill appeared on the short-lived series called Dick Clark's Live Wednesday, but a YouTube clip has come to light proving that Bill appeared instead on an earlier special called Dick Clark and a Cast of Thousands. The segment includes a clip of Dick playing Bill's version of Pyramid.

Speaking of YouTube clips, we're starting to embed some of the most interesting ones on our website, rather than just providing a link.  Should make things ever so slightly easier and eye-catching.  It's most noticeable on our page of Bill Cullen PILOTS, where some additional dates, details and corrections have been made to other listings as well.

We're not sure how frequently we'll update in the future, but the page isn't going anywhere, and if past history is any indication, there are still unusual credits and other items to find!


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In addition, many dear friends, as well as a few people we don't really know well at all, have been helpful over the years offering information, research and suggestions.  Those people include Marshall Akers, Daniel Benfield, Leah Biel, Mike Burger, Brendan McLaughlin, Adam Nedeff, Tim Lones, Eric Paddon, Chris Tufts, Tracy Platt, David Schwartz, Bob Zager and many more whom we'll add to this list as soon as we remember how stupid we were to leave them off in the first place.

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