For much of his career, especially from the fifties through the seventies, Bill was one of the most prominent stars of television.  Naturally, such fame led to many cover stories in entertainemnt magazines.  Bill was featured on the cover of TV Guide seven times, more than any other game show host in history.  In addition, his smilng face graced the covers of many other fan magazines and newspaper inserts.  Here is a representation, not nearly complete, of Bill's magazine covers.
January 15, 1955
I've Got a Secret
with Garry Moore, Henry Morgan, Jayne Meadows and Faye Emerson
July 5, 1958
The Price is Right
only solo cover 
August 22, 1959
I've Got a Secret
with Henry Morgan, Betsy Palmer and Bess Myerson 
July 28, 1962
The Price is Right
with contestant Barbara Brenner 
August 18, 1962
I've Got a Secret
with Garry Moore, Henry Morgan, Betsy Palmer and Bess Myerson
August 10, 1963
I've Got a Secret
with Garry Moore, Henry Morgan, Betsy Palmer and Bess Myerson
January 21, 1984
Game Show Hosts
with Jack Barry, Pat Sajak, Monty Hall, Bob Barker and Wink Martindale 
  Other National Magazines


Bill was the cover subject for the "Special Preview Issue" of this monthly magazine for polio survivors, which published for a couple of years under this title before becoming known as Accent on Living

Local TV Listings Magazines
April 4, 1954
Green Bay, Wisconsin area

July 23, 1955
Detroit area

May 10, 1958
Fresno, California area
January 4, 1959
St. Louis area
March 22, 1959
Washington, D.C. area
July 12, 1959
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area
June 5, 1960
Lancaster, Pennsylvania area
August 18, 1961
Chicago area
March 6, 1966
Lancaster, Pennsylvania area
August 21, 1966
Madison, Wisconsin area

August 8, 1971
Great Neck, NJ area
January 23, 1972
Northern New Jersey area

June 15, 1975
Northwest Indiana area

Bad timing award:  Blankety Blanks would be canceled two weeks after this cover appeared.  Note that the artist who drew the cover illustration to the right used this photograph as his reference.

 August 3, 1975
Boston area