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Some of our favorite places to go for information about game shows in general, and Bill Cullen in particular. 

Adam Nedeff's Game Show Utopia 
Adam's massive and frequently updated site has tributes to FOUR legends of game shows:  Bill Cullen, Tom Kennedy, Gene Rayburn and Geoff Edwards. 

Mike Burger's Game Show Pilot Light 
Mike has details about more than a hundred pilots, most of them unsold.  Read about game shows that might have been!

Curt Alliaume's Game Shows '75 
Though Curt no longer updates his page, it stands as an impressive tribute to an era when dozens of game shows ruled the broadcasting day (at least in the daytime and in prime time fringe).

It's not that uncommon a name.

Bill Cullen 
        The best known Bill Cullen who's not our Bill Cullen is an Irish businessman and automotive executive who wrote It's a Long Way from Penny Apples, a book about his rising from poverty to a life of wealth and success.  A familiar figure in Ireland, Cullen became the star of the Irish version of The Apprentice in 2008.
Bill Cullen 
        An alcohol intervention specialist. 
Bill Cullen 
        A high school registrar in Hawaii. 
Bill Cullen 
        An Australian music industry insider.