First episode: June 20, 1953
    Bill's first episode: May 15, 1954
    Bill's last episode: July 10, 1954
Last episode: August 21, 1954
Bill's episodes seen Saturday nights 8:00-8:30 on NBC.
Contestants watched clips from current movies, then answered memory questions about them in this nighttime series that had two brief summer runs.  Jack Paar hosted the 1953 version which was seen on CBS.  Bill was the original host of the 1954 version, replaced by Jimmy Nelson.  Bill helmed no more than ten episodes of this forgotten but technically ambitious series.

A total of four episodes from this series have turned up, and their survival suggests that the entire run may still exist on kinescopes. Three of the shows known to exist feature Bill and one has Jimmy Nelson at the helm.  The episodes featuring Bill are from June 12, June 19 and July 3.  In all three cases, original kinescope prints survive so the quality is very good. The June 19 episode features scenes from Apache, The Caine Mutiny and the French farce Mr. Hulot's Holiday, as well as an appearance by Roger Price to plug his show Droodles, which would debut two days later.
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