First episode: May 30, 1951
    Bill's first episode: June 30, 1956
Last episode: September 8, 1956
Bill's shows seen Saturday evenings at 7:30 on NBC   
Down You Go was a TV version of Hangman long before Wheel of Fortune came along.  A celebrity panel of four received a cryptic clue to a phrase, and tried to fill in the phrase by calling for letters.  Chosing a wrong letter eliminated a panelist for the round (hence, "down you go").  Prizes were awarded to the viewers who submitted phrases.

The show was originally a serious and respectable affair hosted by the distinguished Dr. Bergen Evans, better known as the question "authority" for big-money quizzes like The $64,000 Question. It was also notable as being one of the few shows seen at one time or another on all four of the original broadcast networks.  On the final NBC version, a 1956 summer series, Bill and his more mainstream celebrity panel (including Jayne Mansfield and Arthur Treacher) played the show mostly for laughs. 

Only one episode of this rarity appears to have survived.  It is not an episode with Bill, however. It features Dr. Bergen Evans and his panel, which included guest panelist Laraine Day.  Also featured in the surviving episode is a young Jack Clark as the announcer.  Years later, Jack Clark would be Bill's announcer on Eye Guess.

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