First episode: March 20, 1952
Last episode: June 12, 1952
Seen Thursday afternoons 3:30-4:00 on CBS
John Reed King was the host of this early Q&A game, on which five contestants tried to avoid elimination, and the one surviving player won a prize package.

Bill was the announcer for the series, and also appeared on-camera as King's assistant.  Some sources even refer to him as co-host.  The series was based on a radio program that premiered in 1945.  John Reed King was the host of that series as well, also with Bill's assistance.

For most of its brief run, Bill was working this early series at the same time he was doing Winner Take All on NBC.  This pattern of being involved with more than one series at the same time became a constant in his career.  Some sources refer to this program as Bill's first appearance on network TV, but most indicate that he debuted on Winner Take All a month earlier.

No television episodes are known to exist, but at least one radio episode survives.

Theme music copyright information at David Shields' site for Classic TV Themes, which erroneously identifies this as Bill's first series.