First episode: January 23, 1984
Last episode: June 29, 1984
Seen weekday mornings 12:00-12:30 on NBC
The competitors on this series were two teams of three players with something in common (expectant moms, telephone operators, etc).  Players tried to avoid elimination by coming up with items in a list, or by challenging an opponent to do so.  Lists were a mix of factual (most populous countries) or survey-based (favorite comedians).  On April 23rd, the series switched to a celebrity format, with each team consisting of two celebs and a single contestant.  The change didn't help, and the show was cancelled two months later.

Bill's last network series, and yet another of his shows hurt by a noon Eastern time slot.  After having worked for Goodson-Todman and Bob Stewart for most of his career, this was his first series for Barry-Enright Productions.  Following this program, he hosted the Barry-Enright syndicated show The Joker's Wild.
It was often necessary for a new game show to get promotional photographs out to the media before a set had been built.  This explains the very odd promotional photos seen here of Bill surrounded by spuds.
A pilot virtually identical to the subsequent series, featuring Franciscan priests and teachers, was shot on December 1, 1983.  The only difference in the pilot was a slightly different scoring system in the bonus round.

In 1985, Bill received an Emmy nomination for hosting Hot Potato.  His earlier Emmy nominations came for his work on Three on a Match and Blockbusters.

All episodes are assumed to exist.  The series has appeared on GSN: The Network for Games  
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