First episode: December 12, 1955
Last episode:  June 1, 1956
Seen locally on WRCA New York, Mondays and Fridays at 6:30pm 
Inside NBC was a local show seen two days a week on NBC's flagship station in New York City.  It aired for fifteen minutes, just ahead of weather and news reports, and usually consisted of Bill looking behind the scenes at some aspect of an NBC TV or radio production.  Sometimes, however, the focus would be entirely different, such as an early home shopping segment known as Cullen's Corner.

An interesting footnote to this series came to our attention recently.  Bill appeared on a 1987 episode of The $25,000 Pyramid and in conversation with host Dick Clark, mentioned that Bob Stewart had produced a show called Cullen's Corner.  Presumably, he was referring to the segments of this series which used that title.  If that's the case, then this program, not The Price Is Right, marks the first collaboration with Bill and his longtime producer and friend.

Researcher Leah Biel was kind enough to provide us this episode guide based on listings in the NYC edition of TV Guide.  While we doubt that many episodes of this obscurity survive today, it's still interesting to see the wide variety of subjects covered in this brief series.

Monday, December 12, 1955 [DEBUT] Bill Cullen hosts this 15-minute program which spotlights NBC’s personnel, history, features, and entertainment.  NBC cameras pick up rehearsals in progress, previewing shows to appear the same evening or later that week.
Friday, December 16, 1955 No description given
Monday, December 19, 1955 Viewers see a Playwrights 56 rehearsal in action.  Bill Cullen interviews producer Fred Coe, director Arthur Penn, and stars Kim Stanley and Louis Jean Heydt.
Friday, December 23, 1955 Bill Cullen visits David Aiken as he is made up for his role in Sunday’s Alcoa Hour production of Amahl and the Night Visitors.  The cameras also pick up a rehearsal of Babes in Toyland to be seen on Max Liebman Presents.
Monday, December 26, 1955 Bill Cullen tours the Home studios.  Guest: Dick Linkroum, Home’s exec. producer.
Friday, December 30, 1955 Bill Cullen’s guest, Mary Martin, discusses the forthcoming Peter Pan.
Monday, January 2, 1956 Episode pre-empted due to Rose Bowl game between Michigan State and UCLA
Friday, January 6, 1956 The operation of the NBC news department is explained through interviews and films.  The cameras pick up a rehearsal Ken Banghart’s news program.
Monday, January 9, 1956 Bill Cullen visits NBC’s special effects dept. to show how fog, rain, snow, etc. are made for TV.
Friday, January 13, 1956 Les Colodny, director of NBC’s comedy development program, explains and tells of plans for ’56.  He introduces an act by some new talent.
Monday, January 16, 1956 Richard Linkroum, executive producer of Home, conducts a tour of the Home studios.
Friday, January 20, 1956 No description given
Monday, January 23, 1956 Tex Antoine explains the preparation of his weather programs.  Bill Cullen interviews Henry Salomon, producer of Circle Theater’s Nightmare in Red, to be repeated tomorrow evening.
Friday, January 27, 1956 Bill Cullen takes viewers behind the scenes of radio’s Monitor.  Guest will be Gene Rayburn.
Monday, January 30, 1956 The NBC Technical Operations Department demonstrates the transmission of a TV picture from coast to coast.  Cameras pick up a rehearsal of Milton Berle’s show from Hollywood, Cal.  Bill Cullen.
Friday, February 3, 1956 Host Bill Cullen and Maurice Evans discuss this Sunday’s Hallmark Hall of Fame production of The Good Fairy, starring Julie Harris.  Chet Huntley of the NBC News Department previews Outlook, a news program which debuts this Sunday.  Special guest: J. Fred Muggs.
Monday, February 6, 1956 Bill Cullen visits Sid Caesar at his office and studios.
Friday, February 10, 1956 Bill Cullen reviews the first NBC telecast, April 30, 1939.  This was the NBC special events pickup of the opening of the World’s Fair at Flushing Meadows.
Monday, February 13, 1956 Bill Cullen interviews Martha Raye.
Friday, February 17, 1956 No description given
Monday, February 20, 1956 No description given
Friday, February 24, 1956 Preview of documentary "Antarctica: Third World"
Monday, February 27, 1956 The cameras switch to Hollywood to pick up a rehearsal of Tuesday’s Matinee Theater production, A Tall Dark Stranger.  Its star, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and host John Conte are guests.  Bill Cullen, in New York, does a feature on the early days of NBC news coverage.
Friday, March 2, 1956 The cameras switch to the RCA Hall of Progress in Camden, N.J., which holds electronics equipment developed during the past century.  Bill Cullen hosts.
Monday, March 5, 1956 Guest: Stockton Hellfrich of NBC’s Continuity Acceptance Dept.  Bill Cullen shows Martha Raye Show in rehearsal, via film.
Friday, March 9, 1956 Host Bill Cullen highlights NBC’s coverage of the Presidential campaign.  He also interviews Laurence Olivier.
Monday, March 12, 1956 Ike Kleinerman, film editor of Wednesday’s Project 20 production, explains how the film was procured and edited.
Friday, March 16, 1956 Host Bill Cullen discusses the presentation of the TV “Emmy” Awards.
Monday, March 19, 1956 Virginia Graham of NBC Radio’s Weekday is Bill Cullen’s guest.
Friday, March 23, 1956 Guest: Broadcast Film Division director Stan Parlan.  Bill Cullen hosts.
Monday, March 26, 1956 No description given
Friday, March 30, 1956 No description given
Monday, April 2, 1956 Bill Cullen comments on the television entertainment scene as reported by the New York columnists.
Friday, April 6, 1956 Bill Cullen introduces the winner of the Army air auditions conducted last Friday, for the female lead in You, Me and the Gatepost, a Playwrights ’56 production to be seen April 10.
Monday, April 9, 1956 Bill Cullen is visited in Cullen’s Corner by guests with unusual merchandise to sell home viewers.
Friday, April 13, 1956 Ernie Kovacs joins Bill Cullen in his search for “Bridie Cullen".
Monday, April 16, 1956 Bill Cullen conducts a remote program with WRCA-TV’s new mobile unit.
Friday, April 20, 1956 Bill Cullen does a take off on the smooth-talking Continental.  His guest is Renzo Cezana, the real Continental.
Monday, April 23, 1956 Bill Cullen’s guests are Tex and Jinx McCrary, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary with NBC.
Friday, April 27, 1956 Bill Cullen salutes Military Reserve Week.
Monday, April 30, 1956 Guests once again visit Bill Cullen in Cullen’s Corner to sell unusual merchandise to home viewers.
Friday, May 4, 1956 Today Bill Cullen’s feature concerns the NBC Program Development Department.
Monday, May 7, 1956 Host Bill Cullen and his special guest, Lee Ann Meriwether, conduct a quiz show.  Contestants are the five finalists of the “Miss NBC” contest.
Friday, May 11, 1956 Bill Cullen’s guest is David Broekman, orchestra conductor and composer of Wide Wide World theme.  The Barbara Carroll Trio performs its version of the Wide Wide World Theme.
Monday, May 14, 1956 In honor of National Radio Week, Bill Cullen shows film clips of some old-time radio performers.  His guests, Ben Grauer and columnist Marie Torre, discuss the development of radio.
Friday, May 18, 1956 Bill Cullen is host to Thomas B. McFadden, general manager of WRCA-TV and Ray Owen from the reporting staff of WRCA’s Pulse.  Owens discusses Pulse’s technique for covering news.
Monday, May 21, 1956 No description given
Friday, May 25, 1956 No description given
Monday, May 28, 1956 No description given
Friday, June 1, 1956 This is the last show of the series.
Seems unlikely, doesn't it?