First episode: September 4, 1972
    Bill's first episode: September 10, 1984
Last original episode: May 23, 1986
Originally seen weekday mornings on CBS
Later shows (including Bill's) were produced for daily syndication.
Players spin a giant slot machine and answer general knowledge questions.

A simple description for a durable series, remembered today as the successful return to network television for Jack Barry, who had been disgraced in the quiz scandals of the late fifties.  The show ran for three years on the CBS daytime schedule, then after a two-year hiatus, began a long and successful run in syndication in the fall of 1977.

In 1984, during Jack Barry's long illness, Jim Peck filled in as host.  Following Barry's death in May, Bill became the regular host at the start of the 1984 season.  This would be Bill's last series.

All of Bill's episodes are assumed to exist.  Remarkably, even the earliest CBS network shows with original host Jack Barry survive.

Watch Bill's first episode from 1984:  

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