Produced for daily syndication in 1978
Love ExpertsBill hosted this relationship show (with a tiny game element) in which a panel of celebrities offered advice to lovelorn contestants.  At the end of the show, the panel picked the contestant who provided the most unusual problem, and that person won a small prize.  Also featured was a question and answer segment with members of the studio audience.

Problems tended to be specific and colorful, and the contestants were uniformly young and attractive.  A woman's workaholic boyfriend was too tired to make love at night, and she hated doing it in the morning.  A tall woman found herself to be too intimidating to her shorter dates.  A sexy fashion designer attracted her husband with her provocative outfits, but now that they're married he wants her to tone it down.  Not exactly Dr. Phil territory, but relatively risqué by late-seventies TV standards.  The Los Angeles station that aired the show even preceded it with a parental warning.

A fascinatingly diverse group of celebs appeared on the show over its single season run, including David Letterman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Peter Lawford and Soupy Sales.   Contestants included a then-unknown Rhonda Shear, who would later make a name for herself as a sexpot actress and TV hostess.  In her segment, she complained that she and her equally hot roommate always attracted the interest of the same guys.

A pilot episode for this version was recorded on January 4, 1978 with panelists JoAnne Worley, Elaine Joyce, Geoff Edwards and William Shatner.  The pilot featured a different set and did not offer a prize to the most unusual story.  Jack Cassidy hosted another pilot shot years earlier on a very different set, with a three-person panel consisting of Totie Fields, Bill Bixby and Alejandro Rey.

The series in its entirety almost certainly survives in the vault of the original syndicator.  We have a total of five episodes, including two episodes on 3/4" professional tapes which we've learned were the first two episodes recorded.

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