First episode: October 13, 1949
Last episode: October 20, 1949
Thursdays at 8:30pm on WOR-TV  
This has just about got to be the most obscure Bill Cullen series ever.  Check out the dates above.  Look at them again.  That's right, this little gem was seen exactly twice before being rejected in favor of a variety show. Plus, it was a local series.
Read the original Variety review from October 15, 1949

According to the only source we know about (the Variety review linked above), the program was something of a disaster. "There's little to commend this new quizzer," the review began, before going on to pick apart the show's numerous technical flaws.  What's more, the reviewer even said, "Emcee Bill Cullen showed little video presence."

The review also gives us our only glimpse at the format.  Defending champions were given the chance to choose their opponents for the quiz, apparently based on little more than knowing each potential contestant's occupation.  Variety also made note of the "fact that guests compete against each other, person remaining at the finish getting a crack at the jackpot."   That now common practice was considered quite novel at the time.  (Bill's radio and TV series Winner Take All featured two players competing against one another, but did not include an endgame jackpot.)

Kenneth Johannessen provided the Variety review (as well as all the Variety reviews on our site), and is therefore responsible for the discovery of this long-forgotten series.  Blame him.