First episode: April 3, 1978
Last episode: June 30, 1978
Seen weekday mornings 10:00-10:30 on CBS  
Players survived elimination rounds by continuing to identify items in a given subject ("Games played with a ball").  In the bonus round, players had to come up with specific, predetermined items in a category.
Another late-70s Bob Stewart effort that ran its minimum thirteen weeks before vanishing. This one perhaps a little more ill-conceived than most, relying as it did so often on awkward judgement calls and arbitrary "right" answers.
Read the original Variety review from April, 1978

As you can see by the snapshot below, Pass the Buck was taped in the legendary Ed Sullivan Theater.  Sullivan's show left the air in 1971 and the theater was used for a wide variety of cheap television programming, including many game shows.  The theater eventually fell further and further into disrepair until rebuilt to host Late Show with David Letterman in 1993.

All episodes exist, and the series has been seen on GSN: The Network for Games.  

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