Syndicated, 1962-1963
Seen weekend afternoons    
Bill hosted this brief weekend afternoon sports anthology series which covered exotic events from around the world.  Much like NBC Sports In Action, which Bill co-hosted a few years later, this one-hour show was clearly patterned after the successful model of ABC's Wide World of Sports.

Since Bill was still quite active at the time with The Price Is Right and I've Got A Secret, it would seem likely that he was merely a studio host for this series, and that he didn't go traipsing around the world on his bum leg to cover the events in person.

Combing newspaper archives, we've found a number of stations which aired this series, most notably WNBC in New York City. The series premiered there on October 7, 1962 and appears to have concluded its run by December, suggesting that as few as 13 episodes may have been produced. In other cities, including Detroit (see below), the series didn't even premiere until the following spring.  Given the unusual and obscure nature of the events that were covered, spoilers must not have been much of problem!

The listings below are from a set of Michigan Edition TV Guides which show the series airing on WWJ, the NBC affiliate in Detroit, at 4pm Saturday afternoons.  Thanks to Jimmy Owen for finding the original WWJ listings!  As unlikely as it is that any of these episodes will ever turn up, it's still interesting to get some idea about the interesting events covered by the series.  Items come verbatim from the TV Guide listings.

April 13
Film highlights of the Grand Prix de Monaco and the Grand Prix de Belgium
April 20
World Skiing Championships at Zakopane, Poland
April 27
The Women's World Softball Championship
May 4
The Grand Prix de Europe
May 11
Underwater Spear Fishing Championship 
Teams from nine countries, including the U.S., compete in this event held in Spain
May 18
1.  Isle of Man Touris Trophy Race motorcycle championship
2.  Grand Prix of Rouen
May 25
No description
June 1
USA vs USSR in the Women's International Basketball Championship
June 8
June 15
World's Gliding Championship
June 22
June 29
No description
July 6
No description
In October, 2010 two 16mm reels containing the debut episode went up for auction on Ebay.  Unfortunately, we didn't win that auction.  Still, we know that at least that episode exists in the hands of a private collector.