September 8, 1969 - September, 1978
Produced for daily syndication
A panel questions a team of three challengers trying to figure out which one is actually the person all three claim to be.

For the entire run of this version, Bill, Peggy Cass and Kitty Carlisle were the regular panelists.  In the mid-sixties, Cass and Carlisle had been appearing as regulars on the network version of TTTT while Bill was a panelist on I've Got A Secret.

195 episodes of To Tell The Truth were produced each season, enough for 39 weeks of programming.  According to a 1975 magazine article, the shows were taped on Tuesdays, five per day, from mid-September to mid-June each season.

In addition to being a panelist throughout the long syndicated run of this series, Bill made frequent appearances as host during Garry Moore's vacations and illness. According to Gil Fates, in his marvelous book What's My Line?, Joe Garagiola took over as the permanent replacement after Moore's retirement in 1977 because "Bill's superlative gamesmanship was so missed on the panel."

Bill once had the hiccups when taping five To Tell The Truth shows in one day.  "When the shows ran through a week, people thought I had hiccupped an entire week, and were sorry for me!  More than 5000 letters came in offering sympathy and remedies, and I was very touched."

Two years after this version ended, most of the same production staff worked on a new version hosted by Canadian personality Robin Ward.  Cullen, Cass and Carlisle all made appearances on this one-season version, though never all at the same time.  Bill's panel work on the 1980 version is chronicled on our page of Bill's Guest Appearances.

To Tell The Truth has proven to be the most durable of the Goodson-Todman panel shows.  From its original network run in the mid-fifties to the two-season remake that debuted in 2000, there have been five distinct versions and about twenty different people have filled the host's chair (probably more than for any other game show).  Kitty Carlisle made a single appearance on the most recent version, which marked her sixth decade of panel appearances on the show.

Bill's first appearance on TTTT was as a guest on the CBS prime time show in 1964.  Coincidentally, the other guest panelist that night was Peggy Cass.  Cass stayed with the prime time show, and Bill would rejoin her for the syndicated version.
All episodes of Bill's version are assumed to exist.  The series has been seen frequently on GSN: The Network for Games, though not regularly in the last few years.
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