First episode: September 2, 1952
    Bill's first episode: October, 1952
Last episode: October 6, 1953
Seen Tuesday nights at various times on Dumont
Panelists tried to figure out a given location, usually from photographs and clues.

This series saw a great turnover in formats, hosts and panelists.  Dan Seymour hosted only the first two shows.  Ken Roberts took over on September 16 and stayed for several months.  Eddie Dunn hosted the series in the fall as well.  John Reed King joined the program in December and remained host for the rest of the run.

The original panel consisted of Peter Donald, Nancy Guild, David Ross and Joey Adams.  Guild appears to have been the show's only regular for the entire run.  We have a TV listing placing Bill on the panel as early as October 21, 1952, but he probably didn't become a regular until John Reed King took over the hosting chores.  Bill and King worked together on several early radio and television series, including Why? and Give and Take.

The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows does not note Bill as a regular panelist, but other reference books and era magazines do, including an October, 1953 profile of Bill in TV Guide.

No episodes are known to exist.  But hey, we found a picture, at least that's something.  Bill is with fellow panelists Peter Donald, probably best known to 50s game show fans as the host of Masquerade Party, and Nancy Guild, who frankly isn't best known for much of anything.