(MB 1957) Two editions [George Dewitt on cover]
There are two covers of the first edition which feature different images of Dewitt.  One is a pencil drawing, and is extremely unflattering.  Later covers featured a better-looking photograph.  Also, some second editions do not indicate their "second" status on the box.  First editions are in an almost square box with a white background.  Second editions (1959) are more rectangular and have a red background. All second editions feature the photograph of Dewitt.

        (Philips 1994) for Philips CD-i (featuring Bob Goen)
The CD-i format was an early attempt at interactive content, so game shows would seem a natural fit.  The format for this version of Name That Tune is based on a pilot from around that time which came close to selling but ultimately did not get picked up.

    (Imagination 2005) 80's Edition
The Imagination DVD game features tons of clips from music videos of the 1980s. Unlike most other DVD games, this one has a game board and other traditional box game equipment. A Country Music Edition and a 90s Edition were supposedly planned, but we have no evidence that either were ever released.

        (Castle 1980) Electronic Name That Tune
A simple stand-alone game with 32 pre-programmed songs and a limited ability to program your own.
        (Bally 1986) Full-size arcade game
        (Tiger 1997) Electronic LCD handheld game
The Tiger handheld game featured expansion cartridges (sold separately, of course) that were tailored to specific musical tastes (country, pop hits, etc.)

        Name That Tune (Unique 1956)
        George Dewitt Sings That Tune (Unique 1957)
Both records feature the TV show's Harry Salter Orchestra.  The selections on the albums are said to be the tunes most often requested by the show's viewers. Selections do not include the show's theme.