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        (Lowell 1958)
        (MB 1964) (Bid It Right: The Price Is Right Card Game)
Based very loosely on the TV show, this simple card game based on out-guessing your opponents is actually a good little strategy game in its own right.
        (MB 1973) Three Editions (First Edition is The New Price Is Right)
The third edition is particularly rare and prized by collectors.
        (MB 1986)
        (Endless Games 1999) Two Editions
The first Endless edition featured exactly the same design and pricing games as the 1986 MB version, with somewhat cheaper materials.  The second Endless edition (2004) was a much more thoroughly developed game featuring dozens of familiar (and more recent) pricing games from the show.

        (BCI 2008) 
26 episodes of the long-running series, focussing primarily on the Bob Barker version but including four episodes of the original Bill Cullen one.  A few episodes of the Bill Cullen version hve also turned up in various public domain collections.

        (GameTek 1990) Only one edition, called First Edition
        (Ubisoft 2008)

        (Ludia 2008)
Downloads available at include versions for PC, Mac and iPhone
        (Mobliss 2004)
For several years, Mobliss has offered downloads of various pricing games to mobile devices.

        (Ubisoft 2008) for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS

        (Tiger 1998) Electronic LCD handheld game with two expansion cartridges.

        (iToys 2008) [Drew Carey on cover]
Elaborate toy which combines gameplay on an LED readout with actual physical pieces. (Spin the Wheel!  Play Plinko!)

        (Endless Games 2005) Two editions [Drew Carey on cover of Second Edition]
The original featured twelve pricing games, plus Contestant's Row, the Showcase Showdown and the Showcases, all incorporating generous use of actual video, stills and sounds from the show.  Todd Newton was the (unseen) host. The DVD also featured images of some of the TPIR models and prize descriptions read by announcers with TPIR experience. The second edition featured Drew Carey and a different assortment of pricing games.


        (Harper 2007) Come On Down!  Behind the Big Doors at The Price Is Right by Stan Blits
Blits, a long-time staffer, offers a lively but sanitized look at the history and production of the show, with no mention of the controversies the show weathered over the years.  Bob Barker provides a foreword which is all of 59 words long.

    ORIGINAL 60s THEME (Sixth Finger Tune):
        On the Sonny Burke and his Orchestra single Sixth Finger Tune (Decca c1960)
Composed by Charles Strouse (Annie) for a Broadway play called Sixth Finger in a Five Fingered Glove.
    LATER 60s THEME:
        On the CD The Best of TV Quiz and Game Show Themes (Varese Sarabande 2000)
This theme was later used on the Goodson-Todman game Snap Judgment.
    MODERN (1972- )THEME:
        On the CD Classic TV Game Show Themes (Varese Sarabande 1998)
        Covered on the CD Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6: Remote Control (TVT 1996)
        Remixed for the Crystal Waters single Come On Down (Strictly Rhythm 2000)
The last one is an odd dance mix by Paul Johnson.