Because of the longevity and popularity of Wheel of Fortune, there are a great many tie-in products, from key chains to calendars, that while collectable, fall beyond the scope of what we are trying to accomplish with this list.  What follows are collectables in the same general categories we cover with other shows. Versions that feature Vanna White on the box or cover are indicated by [Vanna].

        (MB 1975) Two Editions
        (Pressman 1985) Five editions plus two Travel editions, a Junior edition, a Junior Travel edition and two Deluxe editions
Some Pressman Fourth Editions have the puzzle cards from the second Pressman Deluxe Edition inside.
        (Tyco 1993) Two editions plus two Travel editions [Vanna]
        (Mattel 1998)
The Mattel version has the same contents as the second Tyco edition.  The boxes are nearly identical as well.
        (Parker Brothers 2000)
            20th Anniversary Edition (2003) (Two editions of this)
            The Simpsons Edition (2005)
            Deluxe Edition (2006)
            25th Anniversary Edition (2007)
            Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition (2007)
            Disney Edition (2008) COMING MARCH 2008 - ANNOUNCED AT TOYFAIR
As if all those editions weren't enough, some of the Pressman versions were re-released in collectable tin cases.  At least the Second Edition and the Simpsons Edition received the tin treatment.

        (Warner 1987) Vanna Speaks by Vanna White [Vanna]
This autobiography was the subject of many jokes when first released, but was a modest hit.
        (St. Martin's 1987) Wheel of Fortune by David R. Sams and Robert L. Shook [Pat Sajak, Vanna]
Paperback tribute to the show and its stars, including rules and behind-the-scenes trivia.
        (St. Martin's 1987) Vanna White by Marianne Robin-Tani [Vanna]
An unauthorized paperback bio capitalizing on the publicity surrounding the autobiography above.
        (Bantam 1987) The Official Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Book
Introduction by Merv Griffin, text by (then-producer) Nancy Jones, but mostly puzzles to solve.
        (Ryan 1988) How to Beat the Wheel of Fortune by William J. Ryan
A paperback presumably full of hints and strategies, though few details known.
        (BK Enterprises 1995) Winning on the Wheel
This large spiral-bound book originally sold online offered "tips, tricks and strategies" for the show, as well as over 500 puzzles.

        (Sharedata/GameTek 1987) Three editions
The three editions originally sold individually were packaged as a set in 1990 by GameTek.
        (Sharedata/GameTek 1987) Golden Edition
        (GameTek 1994) Deluxe Edition [Vanna]
        (GameTek 1996) Deluxe Edition [Vanna]
The second Deluxe Edition was designed specifically for Windows 95.
        (Sony 1995) CD-ROM [Vanna]
        (Hasbro 1998) CD-ROM [Vanna] Two editions
        (Infogrames/Atari 2002) CD-ROM Wheel of Fortune [Vanna]
This one was released at the same time as Jeopardy! 2003, but for some reson, they left the 2003 off of the box art (the CD inside does say 2003).
        (Encore 2007) Two Editions (Wheel of Fortune and Wheel of Fortune Deluxe)
The non-deluxe Encore edition only allows for one player action.

        (GameTek 1987) for Nintendo NES
        (GameTek 1990) Family Edition for Nintendo NES
        (GameTek 1990) Junior Edition for Nintendo NES
        (GameTek 1990) Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White for Nintendo NES
        (GameTek 1989) for Nintendo Game Boy
        (GameTek 1992) for Super Nintendo
        (GameTek 1993) Deluxe Edition for Super Nintendo [Vanna]
        (GameTek 1997) for Nintendo 64 [Vanna]
        (GameTek 1992) for Sega Genesis [Vanna]
        (GameTek c1992) for Sega Game Gear
        (Sony 1994) for Sega CD [Vanna]
        (Tiger 1997) for Tiger game.com [Two editions]
        (Sony 1998) for Sony Playstation [Vanna]  Two editions
        (Infogrames/Atari 2002) for Sony Playstation 2 [Vanna]

        (GameTek c1987) Full-size arcade game
        (Mattel 1988) TV Play-Along Wheel of Fortune
This unusual device read an invisible signal sent through the TV (or on two specially made videotapes sold separately) in order to download a puzzle into its own memory.  Used for a brief time in the late 1980s.  It also allowed a user to program original puzzles.
        (Tiger 1995)
This original electronic LCD handheld game came with a cartridge containing four hundred puzzles in eleven categories.  At least nine expansion cartridges were sold separately, each containing another 400 puzzles.  Followed by a wide variety of electronic Tiger versions.
        (Tiger 1998) Wheel of Fortune Slots
A small handheld game based on the popular full-size casino videogame which combines the spinning wheel with slot-machine action, but no puzzle solving.
        (Tiger 1999) Wheel of Fortune Deluxe Edition
An expanded version of the 1995 game with 450 puzzles and more features than the original.  Expansion cartridges, each with 450 additional puzzles, were sold separately.
        (Tiger 2000) Wheel of Fortune Junior
        (Tootsietoy 2001)
The odd Toosietoy release is a small, battery-operated hand-held wheel device, with a separate plastic holder for the 50 puzzle cards containing 200 puzzles.  Blank cards allowed you to create your own puzzles.
        (Tiger 2001) Wheel of Fortune Travel Game
A tiny keychain version with over 1000 puzzles.
        (Tiger 2002) Wheel of Fortune Classic
A slightly smaller and slightly revamped version of the Deluxe Edition, with 600 puzzles, but no expansion cartridges.
        (Tiger 2002) Wheel of Fortune Crossword 
This hybrid combines traditional Wheel of Fortune with an extra layer of game play:  Three puzzles at the same time, laid out in the form of a crossword.
        (Tiger 2002) Wheel of Fortune 20th Anniversary Edition Pocket Game
A tiny hand-held unit with 400 puzzles.
        (Hasbro 2004) Wheel of Fortune Live Play
This WOULD HAVE BEEN a device which, much like the 1988 Mattel interactive game, would let viewers at home compete with the players on the TV screen.  It was widely publicized, including spots during the TV show itself.  However, technical difficulties prevented its release.
        (Jakks 2005) (Two Editions)
Like other Jakks games, this 'Plug and Play' version is diesigned to connect directly to your television through audio and video cables provided.

        (Endless Games 2008)  COMING SOON
At Toy Fair 2008, Endless Games announced a line of portable card games based on a number of their game show licensees.

    ORIGINAL THEME (Big Wheels):
        On the CD The Best of TV Quiz and Game Show Themes (Varese Sarabande 2000)
Composed by Alan Thicke, as was The Wizard of Odds and several other game show themes of the seventies.
    LATER THEME (Changing Keys):
        On the CD Classic TV Game Show Themes (Varese Sarabande 1998)
        On the Merv Griffin album Escape (TAV 1984)
        On the Merv Griffin single Changing Keys (Zoo York 1983)
The Merv Griffin album also includes tracks which were used as shopping music from the period when contestants would buy prizes with the money they won. The theme is also covered on the following album:
        On the Meadowbrook Pops Orchestra album TV Hits Volume Two (Special Music 1986)