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Alumni Fun 
The Amazing Race
American Gladiators 
American Idol
Are You Smarter
    Than a 5th Grader?
Ask-It Basket
Battle of the Sexes
Beat the Clock
Bible Bowl
Big Brother
Bingo America
Blind Date
Break the Bank
By the Numbers
Call My Bluff
Can You Top This?
Candid Camera
Card Sharks
Cash Cab
Celebrity Bowling
Celebrity Poker Showdown
Chain Reaction
Charge Account
Classic Concentration
College Bowl
The Dating Game
Deal or No Deal
Dealer's Choice
The Diamond Head Game
Doctor I.Q.
Dollar A Second
Don't Forget the Lyrics
Double Dare (1970s)
Double Dare (1980s)
Double Exposure
Dough Re Mi
Down You Go
Dream Girl of '67
Dream House
Dream League
Everybody's Talking
Eye Guess
The Face Is Familiar
Face the Facts
Family Feud
The Family Game
Figure It Out
Finders Keepers
Fun House
Get The Message
The Gong Show
Nickelodeon Guts
Haggis Baggis
Headline Chasers
High Rollers
Hollywood Showdown
Hollywood Squares
House Party
How's Your Mother-In-Law?
I'm Telling
Information, Please
Inspiration, Please
It Takes Two
It's Academic
I've Got A Secret
Jan Murray's TV Word Game
The Joker's Wild
Junior Auction
Kids Say the Darndest Things
Let's Make A Deal
The Love Experts
Make A Face
Make Me Laugh
March of Games
Masquerade Party
The Match Game
Meet the Missus
Merv Griffin's Crosswords
Million Dollar Password
Missing Links
The Mole
The Moment of Truth
Name That Tune
The Name's The Same
The Newlywed Game
Nickelodeon Guts
Now You See It
Number, Please
The $100,000 Pyramid
The $128,000 Question
The $1,000,000
    Chance of a Lifetime
1 vs 100
Pantomime Quiz
The Parent Game
Password Plus
Paul Wing's Spelling Bee
Pay Cards
People Are Funny
The People's Court
Pick Your Brain
Picture This
Place The Face
Play Your Hunch
Pot O' Gold
Press Time
Press Your Luck
The Price Is Right
Professor Quiz
¿Qué Dice La Gente?
Quiz Digest
The Quiz Kids
The Reel to Reel Picture Show
Remote Control
Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Sabado Gigante
Sale of the Century
Say When
Seven Keys
Shoot for the Stars
The Singing Bee
Singled Out
The $64,000 Question
The Sky's The Limit
Snap Judgment
Split Second
Sports Challenge
Strike It Rich
Stump the Stars
Super Password
Super Pay Cards
Supermarket Sweep
Surprise Package
Take It Or Leave It
Talk About
The $10,000 Pyramid
That's Amore
This Is Your Life
Three on a Match
Tic Tac Dough
To Tell The Truth
Top Secret
Treasure Hunt
Trivial Pursuit
True or False
Truth or Consequences
The $20,000 Pyramid
The $25,000 Pyramid
Two For The Money
2 Minute Drill
Uncle Jim's Question Bee
Video Village
Vox Pop
Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!
Weakest Link
Whad'ya Know?
What's My Line?
What's My Name?
Wheel of Fortune
Where in the World is
    Carmen Sandiego?
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire
The Who What or Where Game
Win Ben Stein's Money
Win, Lose or Draw
Window Shopping
Winner Take All
The Wizard of Odds
Word For Word
You Bet Your Life
You Don't Say
Your First Impression
Your Surprise Package
Yours For A Song

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